Recently, I visited the ‘Open House’ at the Crystal Valley Fire Station 152. I was there by invitation of host Castle Rock District 6 Councilmember Tim Dietz. I arrived around 4:00 P.M. as the firehouse was filling with local neighborhood visitors, anxious to meet the councilmember, as well as discuss the contemporary and future issues concerning many, such as the proposed Crystal Valley Interchange, local water supply, and how the tax proposals on the upcoming ballot will be used. No doubt there were more conversations covering many areas of concern and interest. I even spoke with Castle Rock Police Chief Cauley about the need I see for increased traffic patrol and the need for budget funding in this area.

Mark Marlowe, Director of Castle Rock Water, shared with many where the town stood in relation to water acquisitions, wells, water reclamation, billing, assuring all that Castle Rock is in very good hands when it comes to water supply going forward. Having been certified in Colorado for wastewater and freshwater maintenance myself, I had a great conversation with Mr. Marlowe.

Mark Marlowe – Director Castle Rock Water

While making my rounds among some of the key people present, I had choice conversations with Castle Rock Mayor Jason Gray, Castle Rock Police Chief Jack Cauley and attending officers, CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) representative for the Crystal Valley/I-25 Interchange, Matt Osborn, Castle Rock Firefighters Local 4116, and attending Douglas County Commissioner George Teal, resident of Castle Rock District 6.

Among all, it was Councilmember Tim Dietz who was the most informative of town needs, issues, and the tax proposals to be on the upcoming November ballot.

Councilmember Tim Dietz – Castle Rock Colorado

Expressed Views of Councilmember Tim Dietz Concerning the November 2021 Tax Proposals:

Ballot Question 2A: New Housing Construction Tax for Police and Fire

The tax monies go directly to police and fire as well as the proposed build of the new Crystal Valley Interchange serving the growing outskirts of town, thus alleviating the congestion issues at Plum Creek Parkway interchange now and in the future.

Ballot Question 2B: Parks and Recreation Sales Tax on Lodging

Revenues from this tax will continue to fill our town with fun and beauty moving into the future.

Ballot Question 2C: Open Space and Use Tax

Supporting this tax will assure we can continue to develop and maintain our trails and parks for all to enjoy. This is what continues to make Castle Rock unique in the midst of growth and development.

Ballot Question 2D: Use of All Excess Revenues Solely for Police, Fire, and Roads

These monies will support the need for police and fire to upgrade and maintain a force and first response effort to provide unwavering protection and safety in all of Castle Rock without interruption. Road maintenance and improvements to support future traffic flow and needs.

See full description of all four (4) tax proposal ballot questions here:

Opinion: I truly enjoyed my visit with so many at the open house. As far as my opinion on the proposed tax initiative ballot issues November 2021, I am in support of the adjustments and increases. I am a strong supporter of our first responders for all aspects of safety in Castle Rock. I see a great need, not just for increasing crime management in the area, but for traffic patrol management contributing to safe driving in the growing community. The sales tax increase is nominal at only .001 percent. Parks and Recreation should always be supported in the departments efforts to provide more fun, beauty, and open space. The Crystal Valley Interchange should help considerably with the congestion and traffic issues related to the Plum Creek Interchange. Together, all four (4) initiatives should be exactly what our town needs moving forward, preparing for the day when we have met our goals of a thriving community of prosperity for all.

Article and Videos By: Gary Godfrey