Every year, there are over 11,000 applicants. The Regional Command can award three early scholarships for the region. Haley was the first to receive the early decision. Once Haley is accepted into the school of her choosing, with Texas A&M on her radar, she will be on her way to becoming a Naval Officer!

Haley Looney has been dreaming of this since middle school, working hard and coming to her final decision over this past summer of 2021. Haley is a senior at Lutheran High School.

With a military history in her family, her great-grandmother being among the first WAVES during WWII and her grandfather serving in Vietnam, Haley will be continuing the Chapman Family Legacy!

“The hope in sharing the story is that any student willing to work hard and apply themselves have limitless opportunity. Hard work is rewarded!”

Haley’s goal is to be a Navy Doctor and travel the world while taking care of Naval and Marine personnel.

Video/Article Provided By: Heather Looney

Editor: Gary Godfrey – Castle Rock Local Community