Living up on the Palmer Divide, in the outskirts of Castle Rock, Colorado. John is also an private meteorologist. John Braddock is Owner/Meteorologist of Mountain Wave Weather, as well as Mountain Wave Digital Solutions.

I first met John through another friend while having coffee at a popular breakfast and lunch place, then known as C&C – Coffee & Kitchen in Castle Rock, Colorado. John and I immediately hit it off, becoming long-lasting friends. As an admin of CRCO at the time, I often featured Mountain Wave Weather, especially since John’s weather forecasting accuracy rivals any local news weather meteorologists. Now I am featuring John Braddock and Mountain Wave Digital Solutions on the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance Community page and website, We Are Castle Rock!

Today, I am sharing and publicly advocating Mountain Wave Digital Solutions. Here is John’s invitation to check out and see what Mountain Wave Digital Solutions is all about:

We’ve Got You Covered

Need help with your existing website? Need a new website? Curious about what keywords you are ranking for or where you’re appearing under search? We offer free initial consultations! We can help you take a “big picture” view of your online presence and partner with you to help your business reach its goals! We offer a whole suite of digital solutions for your small business!

Mountain Wave Digital Solutions is your local Castle Rock, Colorado go-to for all web design and, of course, digital solutions in marketing and more, but don’t forget Mountain Wave Weather; the best local area weather updates and forecasting in the Douglas County/Palmer Divide area of Colorado!


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Article By: Gary Godfrey