Castle Rock Local Business Alliance – #CRLBA

The ‘LBA’ (Local Business Alliance) currently boasts eighty-eight (88) locally owned business owners in Castle Rock, Colorado. In the LBA, members are known and participate as, ‘Ambassador’ to the local small business community. We enjoy being a part of the ‘Fastest Growing Business Alliance and Advocacy‘ in Castle Rock, Colorado!

AMBASSADOR: A person who represents a community organization or business organization tasked with promoting a brand or purpose.

In the LBA we have fun. We meet at what we call, ‘Alliance Gathering’ the last Wednesday of each month. The Board, known as ‘Alliance Planners’ meet thirty minutes prior, to discuss the presentation in the Gathering. Gathering meetups start at 6:30 PM. Business owners get to know one another, collaborate, discuss ways of helping one another, and simply have a great time. Our meetups are always at a local business establishment owned by an Ambassador. We rotate monthly.

LBA Ambassadors also support the Alliance in many ways. One way is our Instagram presence, #wearecastlerock created, marketed, and supported by Robin Crooks, owner of 212 Pizza CO located at the intersection of Ridge Road and Hwy 83. Another Instagram is #castlerocklba_crlba.


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