Matt Thomson shares some very important information on utilizing real estate for your children’s future

These girls have their college paid for…for free. Literally didn’t take a dime out of our pocket, and whatever post-high school looks like for them is paid for through real estate.
We bought each girl a home using no money out of pocket. When the girls get out of high school, they’ll each have several hundred thousand dollars in cash they can use, or they’ll have over $2k month of steady income, their choice.
This is what I want to do for you. I want your kids’ futures to be paid for. I want your retirement to be paid for. If you have college aged kids, I want to show you how to have their room and board covered for free.
I don’t understand stocks, bonds 403’s 401’s, IRA’s 539’s or any of that other stuff. I do understand real estate.
If you want to know how you can use real estate to cover your kids’ post-high school, please reach out. Even in today’s market, even in Denver, it can be done. We just got the younger one her house a few months ago. It may not be right for you, it may not even be possible for you, and it is worth a conversation.

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Published Courtesy of Castle Rock Local CommunityWeAreCastleRock