Barb Larson is a Lifetime Resident and Local Business Owner in Castle Rock, Colorado

Castle Rock has a true local resident and business owner offering travel options for all who enjoy the getaway opportunities you so love. For your next travel journey, contact Barb at Unique Travel!

Barb is a native of Castle Rock. Barb’s father was instrumental in much of the positive happenings that we, as Castle Rock residents, enjoy today! Unique Travel is the venture Barb created, launching her social medial page on Facebook in 2018.

Life changes quickly so go find adventure, take time to explore, travel the world, and so much more!

Aside from running her travel agency business, Barb works with the Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum. She gives tours and more. Currently, the ‘Museum’ is giving their haunted tours. Barb is as much dedicated to her community as she is to her business. It must be mentioned that Barb is a life-long fan of the Denver Broncos!

Contact Barb Today by Visiting the Unique Travel Facebook Page:

Article By: Gary Godfrey – Owner/Administrator of the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance