Video shorts…reels…amazing graphics…they’re cool and everything, but what says, “Shop at my business and buy my products or service best?

I still believe in ‘Word of Mouth’ as the best advertising to promote who you are and what you offer. I love to lift up and support local, telling the Castle Rock, Colorado and Douglas County, Colorado Communities who you are. Who you are matters, just as much, if not more so than what you offer your customer.

INTEGRITY – REPUTATION – CUSTOMER SERVICE. These three combined are the key that unlocks the door to ‘Empower Your Local Business’.

This is what the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance is all about, Empowering Local Businesses through Education, Marketing, Public Outreach, Advocacy, and Community Networking. We help open the door to consumer respect. If you lose consumer respect? Well, what fun is that?

Digital Word of Mouth. Discover it today by following We Are Castle Rock (Colorado)!, the home group of the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance! Meet and know your local small business owners.


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Article By: Gary Godfrey – Owner/Administrator of the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance